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October 16, 2008
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Advanced Photoshop Interview by Lilyas Advanced Photoshop Interview by Lilyas
A few weeks ago I received a request from the German Advanced Photoshop for an interview and feature. I believed it not until I got a copy of the magazine in my mail yesterday. Wow, that's so great for me!!!! They asked me to select the pictures myself and wanted me to answer some questions. Download to read the article. The text of course is in German but if someone is interested I can translate it into English quickly.

Advanced Photoshop is originally an English magazine from Dorset and we in Germany have our own edition now.

English: [link]
German: [link]

Featured Art:

:star: Perfection
:star: Lust
:star: Dryad
:star: My Whole World For YOU - WP
:star: Wild Fruit
:star: Mystique Bronze

Congrats to me!!! :dance: :excited: :bounce:



After multiple request I translated the article:

Lily Andrea Seidel who exhibits her pictures under the pseudonym lilyas is currently going into business as Graphic Designer and photographer. The former editor who got around a lot in Germany remembers very well how she used the computers at the university at the beginning at her studies in 1998. About her background she says: "At first I worked with Corel Draw but discovered quickly that Photoshop is the better option for picture editing. To get my pictures on screen I had to become familiar with scanners, too, because I worked a lot with an analogue Canon camera. For a long time I stuck to picture editing until I discovered my passion for photo collages."

In her collages that are affected by sensuous and colorful themes of man and nature she sets value on a photorealistic impression, therefore forgoes filters and uses Clone Stamp, History Brush, Burn and Dodge instead. The 38 year old from Naumburg at the river Saale mixes media as well as elements of different art styles in equal measure and considers her big advantage in her variety.

Seidel finds a large benefit and inspiration for her art in the exchange with other artists. "Since I am member of an art community (which is DeviantART) I was able to enhance my creativity and considerably improve my techniques", she told. Besides that she is inspired to her artwork by "nature with all its various forms and colors and geometrical forms". She is considers art as a form of communication. "There is no better way to get in contact with my surroundings than through art", Seidel closes.

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