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December 23, 2011
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I forgot my own Birthday | Christmas Features

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 23, 2011, 2:00 PM

Oh dear, I actually forgot my own 7th DA Birthay on December 18! :omfg: I only was reminded when I noticed one day that the 6 had turned into 7 on my profile. Dammit! And I wanted to celebrate it along with my finished ♣ ♠ ♥ ♦ Poker cards project ♣ ♠ ♥ ♦. Well, over now. Anyway, I hit you with the oldest piece of work that is sitting in my gallery - it's from December 20, 2004. :giggle: Can you recognize my style? :D

Black Hole Sun by Lilyas

Christmas Features

Enjoy these jewels from my favourites!

Merry Christmas to you all! :hug:

eyes in the sky by Damian6347177 Gothic valentine by ukapala Siempre by Aeternum-Art Deep Red Rose Redux by Sixthcrusifix
Neytiri by lorenzothekiller The King of Pop and Smiles by CezLeo king of pop by krzysztof20d The Floral Nebula by ChristopherPayne
Extractor II by kr0mat1k Best Wishes by heavenriver Thistle cogs by krigl Forever in a Moment by waste-and-tragedy
The Rebirth of Venus by ArtOfWarStudios PirateIsle by eWKn Dionaea by Cellesria
The Night Before the full Moon by Selenada Mermaid by sharandula Victoria by JenniferHealy Avril Lavigne by Stella63
FeelingAutumn by Alosa Hybrid by AnthonyHearsey Autumn Wallpaper by JoeDiamondD Beautiful Decay by anthony-g
Autumn in my heart by CindysArt The Shaman by asage Elama by AniDandelion The Envoys by FrodoK
Caminante :: Wayfarer by R-Queso Strider by Wicked-Illusion Dream Generator by CorpusCallosum The Epiphany of Sophia by CorpusCallosum
Celestial Shore by CorpusCallosum Sephirot 1 by hypomicro Gaia by Galactivation Harmonic Concordance by Galactivation
Flowers for you... by wicked-vlad Dream by Yaro42 Aberration Sylvestre by chachah Indian by greno89
Le Le by ForestEdgeFineArt Tanzen auf Wellen aus Licht by DanielHeydecke S    P    R    I    N    G by BaxiaArt curl by brendalittle
Dark thoughts by levifreelife Naked Spring by AkubakaArts Rainbow by Ryo-Says-Meow Memories of Egypt by thetebe
Kiss me by nondani autumn part 3 by photoplace Twins of Fire and Ice by ScorpionEntity Duong Quoc Dinh by duongquocdinh
Antique Gold by armene Magnesia II by BelaBorroso Behind The Scene I. by messtor Painting by Duong Quoc DInh by duongquocdinh
Anya Goy's Rainbow Hair by littlehippy Nawa Tribe. by mastertouch I n d i g o by free0ne LUXURIA by free0ne
Secluded in the Woods by JindrichLisy F1245 - Wintry weather. by Lothringen Dusk At Meteora by Piddling
The Bend by StevenDavisPhoto Painting Flowers by savvyphotos pulsatilla 2009 by mescamesh A Child's Eye by emilieleger
Pristine by Jenni77 Everything is born from sleep by Sternensucher white cat blue eyes by jordansart Pure Angel by DemonMathiel
My Sally by Rearviewmirro-r .: K I T T Y :. by ScorpionEntity Pretty Kitty by La-Vita-a-Bella Open up by moiret
Abstract Couture by Viscious-Speed snakes by Ramonova Chromatic spheres by k3-studio MC_wide by relhom

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