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Look at the pictures in this gallery:… - What's your opinion on them? 

388 deviants said I see naked toddlers in suggestive positions. I don't enjoy these works but they are not against DA policy.
235 deviants said Clearly child porn. It should not be tolerated on DA.
230 deviants said I can't see how this is art. It's distasteful. I would report them and move on.
200 deviants said The creator is a sick pedophile, a child molester. These pictures should be removed and the deviant banned.
102 deviants said These are cherubic cartoons, they are part of classic art. No sane human being would consider them pedophilic.
98 deviants said Other.
53 deviants said Naked kids with wings. So what? Don't be so moral and prude!
36 deviants said What should be wrong with them? I don't see anything erotic here.
10 deviants said I like them.

Devious Comments

the-suns-moon Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2010  Student General Artist
With the exception of the cherub tied up and the kiss, I don't see anything really sexual about it. It's stupid yes. But cherubs are often depicted naked. Of course, the cherub tied up should be banned. That's bordering on pornographic and thus pedophilic.

And calling him a child molester because of those pictures is immature and presumptuous. People shouldn't do that. Just saying.
kitsumekat Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
Have you noticed that dA doesn't care anymore? That you can post anything you want and get away with it? I don't see why the report button is there anymore. Just a waste of time...
nicklepops Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
i hate it
JessicaBlood Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010
lol at how so many people don't consider someone laying spread eagle with his head back on his arms, winking, sexual at all.
Egil21 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010
I don't understand why calling attention to this gallery...for me, this artist was a ghost.
I don't watch mature content and sometimes I feel uncomfortable, because I'm looking for flowers, writing "flowers" on the search bar, and it pops a vagina or penis because the photographer uses the word "flowef" to name the photo.
These drawings don't disturb me, really. I'm more disturbed by this guy's favourites...

I would prefer not to go there. I didn't read the poll's options, so I was mislead...It won't happen again.
Semi-Crazy Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010  Hobbyist
No, this shouldn't be appropriate and should definitely not belong here. I'm rather disgusted with the stuff that many artists post on ere to begin with. It's disgusting and the allowance of this type of art has the implication of condoning molestation and pedophilia.
CRAZYQUESADILLA Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010
Quoting the comment I made on his page,
Okay. So here's what I think about this.
For one, freedom of artistic expression is the main export of deviantARTland. That's awesome. While I don't particularly enjoy these pictures, I appreciate the fact that they can be posted.

... on the other hand. His favorites don't show that he's doing this for artistic expression. One is a picture of a naked baby, the other is a picture of a really feminine guy posing naked. These favorites don't help his case.
He watches three accounts, all of which are plz accounts: ~shotacatplz, ~finlandrapedfaceplz and ~Icameplz. The fact that he has only watches plz accounts (sexually themed plz accounts, even) makes him look like a troll.

Moving on... I am sick of these motherfucking unsubstantiated accusations in this motherfucking page. All these people calling him a terrible child rapist who needs to die... where is your proof? Did he post pictures of himself raping babies, and I just didn't get here in time to see the proof? Did he note any of you guys telling you about how he loves to molest children? What? He didn't?! Then how do you know that he is a child molester? "oh, he drew some cherubs" Okay. Cool story bro.
Drawing pictures of cherubs makes you a child rapist just as much as drawing pictures of Naruto makes you a kawaii ninja.
LaurieHouse Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010
I'm on the fence about this. They are not children becasue they are cherubs, but cherubs are little children in a way. Or something like that. Its the tied up pictures that get me....that just over the top...too much. def. pushing the boundaries.
I'd like to see it removed.
AnnamaeTezuka Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
There's very little that I know about cherubs in art, but I do seem to remember them being depicted as mischievous, sometimes in somewhat adult ways. I could be recalling something wrongly, I never really studied art history, but while these are borderline creepy...I remember having the same feeling with some definite art cherubs. Again, this could be some imagined memory softening my view, but I don't quite see this as child porn.
Armonah Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010
Why did you put "Toddlers in suggestive poses" and "not against dA policy" in the same category? Toddlers in suggestive poses are against dA policy:

"Works depicting the likenesses of real children, whether painting, sketch, or otherwise, will be held to the same standards established for photographs of underage models.

Minors below the age of eighteen (18);
••May not be photographed in any bondage or sadomasochistic scene or manner of dress.
••May not be photographed in any clearly sexual or alluring pose.
•••This applies for both clothed and unclothed photographs."

There is maybe one deviation in there that doesn't at least break one rule, and that's "Kiss".
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